Getting Started

Follow these easy steps and get your podcast out in less than 7 mins.



Create new podcast

Are you new to podcasting?

Sign Up and choose

the option to 'Create new podcast' 

Upload or create an amazing looking cover art

for your podcast with our in-built design tool

Pick a name for your podcast and

fill in the details about your show.

What is your podcast all about?

What genre? What language?

If you already have a podcast and wish to switch to Hubhopper studio. Choose 'import existing podcast'



existing podcast

Already have a podcast?

After signing up, login and choose

the option to 'import existing  podcast' 

Add your podcast RSS feed and

our system will automatically import

all your podcast details to your

new Hubhopper studio account. 

Generate your new Hubhopper RSS feed

Take your new RSS feed to your previous

podcast hosting platform and request a 're-direct'.

Once the re-direct process is completed,

you are all set to go and can continue to

upload new episodes and expand

your podcast distribution with Hubhopper

Your listeners wouldn't know the change and can continue to tune in to all the latest episodes of their favourite podcast.


Record/Upload Episode

Now it’s time to start recording your podcast
Don’t be afraid, there is a listener for everybody on Hubhopper.

Record on Desktop

Use the Hubhopper Studio Editor to

 record & edit your audio.

A free, easy & powerful tool for podcasters

Record on mobile phone

Use the Hubhopper recorder app to record your audio.

Once recorded you can use the

Hubhopper studio editor on desktop to edit your audio.

Here's a sample episode for you.

sample episode (online-audio-converter.chubhopper
00:00 / 00:19
Upload your episode

Once your episode audio is ready, simply

upload your file and fill in your episode details. 

You can also add a custom episode cover art.

Once done, hit the publish button to go live!

Publish & Distribute


After uploading your episode hit Publish and your podcast will be distributed across Hubhopper's distribution network.

and many more...

Introduce yourself & your podcast on the first episode. 

Share your podcast with your friends and family.

Congratulations you are now live.



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